May 23, 2017 Woodbury, TN

The Courthouse:
A Treasure on the National Register of Historic Places

In 2009-2010 the courthouse received a revitalization. The project was paid for by a Tennessee Department of Transportation T21 Enhancement Grant. Cannon County and the City of Woodbury each contributed $80,000 to the total cost which was around $800,000

The Cannon Courier publish an article on August 10, 2009 that the revitalization was near.  It is interesting that in the article County Executive Mike Gannon  explained  that what took so long in getting the funding for the project was that we had a drainage issue.  Gannon said. "We have to fix the drainage problem before we do anything regarding beautification." So, was that general drainage? Or did that include sewer drainage?  And: Who worked on the drainage issue?

Cannon County Executive Mike Gannon, along with Woodbury town officials worked on a beatification project for several years, believing that the revitalization would have a positive effect on the community when it is completed.

While I enjoyed much of the  look of the old trees and have fond memories of the whittlers sitting on the benches in front of the courthouse shaving their cedar sticks while swapping old stories,  the project did improve the image of the Square, but I am not sure it accomplished much more beyond that.

In 2009 Gannon said. "Hopefully it will also encourage businesses around the Square to fix up their buildings and therefore enhance the entire area."  In reality, several buildings have succumbed to fire and the property owners have never rebuilt. The old City Hall and police station is full of asbestos the Cannon County School Building which is a recycled hospital has had its own issues.  I have also heard that there are issues with mold  in the buildings around Woodson’s Pharmacy.

In the meanwhile, Katrina and Kevin George have published photos of overflowing sewage in the offices of the Circuit Court. The thought of working in that environment is disgusting. So how do you fix old collapsed clay sewer pipes under the courthouse without tearing up the courthouse square on a paupers budget?

The situation stinks  -  Pun intended.  Some say the delay in fixing it has the smell of political crap  - That pun was also intended.

Photos by Katrina George  -- What Appears to be Raw Sewage on the Circuit Court Office Floor

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