It is interesting that the band of mutineers are now fighting with each other. At least one new arrival has stirred the pot, shown some class and intelligence by recognizing that it is just hypocritical to claim wrong doing by elected official and demanding that rules be followed while within your own ranks your own propaganda minister and his self appointed Führer wishes to ignore the truth and the law of the matter for the sake of maintaining a membership in what has become an authentic hate group hell bent on destroying the very fabric of the Cannon County government.

The law, not rules were eluded to by County Executive Mike Gannon when he mentioned in a Commission meeting that one member of the IDB members was not a qualifying taxpayer and should not be on the IDB. The “know it all chairman” of that committee, Corey Davenport first acted ignorant, and then acknowledge the person in question was John Wilkinson. Davenport immediately defended the little propaganda minister by saying, “He owns his own farm”.

A small amount of research by the Cannon County Magazine has revealed that Mr. Gannon was correct, and John Wilkinson is NOT A TAXPAYER and follow up with the Registrar of Deeds at midday May 8th, 2017, proved that John Wilkinson is not listed as a property owner in Cannon County and, those records are what would be used by the Cannon County Trustee to determine who would be the taxpayer of a piece of property and who by law would be considered a taxpayer in Cannon County.

In a usual off the mark rant Davenport says there is nothing in the law that states a member must be a “TAX PAYER”.  -- You are wrong again Davenport! TCA 7-53-301. Regarding the IDB  Board of directors says: “The corporation shall have a board of directors in which all powers of the corporation shall be vested

and which shall consist of any number, not less than seven (7), all of whom shall be duly qualified electors of and taxpayers in the municipality.”

Davenport would like you to think that some guy from Memphis could come to Woodbury and buy a dollar item at the local Dollar Store pay the sales tax and immediately become a qualified  “Cannon County Taxpayer”.

I realize that sales tax, wheel tax and business tax are paid by many who are not property owners, but in trying to understand law (and Davenport can’t even understand bylaws and Robert’s Rule of Order), one has to consider “legislative intent”.  In the case of the IDB directors, it is obvious that legislative intent was that members of the IDB have a “verifiable invested financial interest” in the county before the serve.

Then Davenport wants to throw out there that all is moot anyway as John pays property taxes.  In the eyes of the law, that is just not true.  Wilkinson himself wrote in a note to person challenging his legitimacy, “Yes, the property is in my name... a copy of the deed has been presented to the IDB chairman...” said John Wilkinson.

When and if Mr. HL (Jinx) Wilkinson gave John a deed to cover his butt, both should have known that it was a pointless unless recorded with the Registrar of Deeds. I would not expect Corey Davenport to know that because he isn’t very smart and just barely finished high school. But, Jinx is an old Arkansas lawyer from the neighborhood of Hilary and Slick Willy, and John is a licensed real estate broker. Both should know the law.

So it is time to give it up. I call for John Wilkinson and Corey Davenport to resign from the Industrial Board or be removed for the obvious dishonesty and abusing the power and benefits of the office.

May 8, 2017 Woodbury, TN

John Wilkinson is not a Cannon County Taxpayer

The Cannon County Magazine Calls for His Resignation

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