June 26, 2017  Woodbury, TN

Citizen Backs off Complaint about Illegal GOP Raffle

The citizen who reportedly filed a complaint with the Tennessee Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance has informed the Cannon County Magazine that they will no longer pursue a complaint with the Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance regarding the unlawful gambling game, a raffle.

The citizen who either attended the function or obtained information from someone who did said the planned raffle which was announce to have the winner selected by Congresswoman Blackburn by drawing from tickets illegally sold during the Good Ole Days festival at the Cannon County Republican Party booth didn’t happen.  

The citizen said that all they ever wanted was for the organization to set aside their aloof attitude and comply with the law. While it is illegal to sell the tickets, the citizen was not sure that by not drawing a winner, that the Cannon County Republican Party may have created a defense against the allegations.

The incident falls on the heels of several acts of unlawful behavior on the part of Republican Party.  You may recall, but some of the same officers involved in this latest mess were also involved in the unlawful interception of U.S. Mail plus through the corrupt use of a Cannon County deputy sheriff unlawfully remove an person from a meeting, and the Cannon County GOP Chairman John Wilkinson and past chairman chair Corey Davenport seem to want the ignore the fact that Wilkinson is not qualified to be on the Industrial Board and illegally occupies a spot on that board which is hoarding nearly a half million dollars belonging to the taxpayers of Cannon County during a financial crises. Just where does the arrogance and lawlessness end?

As a point of interest, the Industrial Board is responsible creating an environment for industry. The Cannon County Magazine pointed out in a previous article that the Cannon County GOP and the IDB members in their “Bus Fuss” during the Good Ole Days appeared to be supporting a bus line from Murfreesboro in competition with a Cannon County business. The post illustrated above with the raffle information also shows that they were indeed stumping for an “out of county” bus line.

Now, a member of that board and his wife donated  some “Apple Pie Moonshine” for the auction at the same event that the illegal raffle was to be held.  What’s the problem? The moonshine is a product of Gatlinburg  not Short Mountain!!!   So much for supporting you local merchants.

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