July 15, 2017  Woodbury, TN

Frequent CCR (Fake News) Contributor Caused His Own County to Spend $59,000 to Defend Itself from a Bogus Law Suit.

Frequently you see comments posted by Michael Shane Wilcher adding even more fuel to the fires stirred up on the Cannon County FakeNews Reporter. Both Corey Davenport and Tracy Neil seem to troll Wilcher for support on their favorite topic “the County Financial Management System of 1981”. The fact of the matter is, Wilcher has an interesting political and legal history in his own county of which includes a successful bid to become a Warren County commissioner, and an unsuccessful ass-stomping running for a Senate seat in the 2016 Tennessee State Senate, District 16 Republican Primary.

After getting his but beat in the Republican Primary he was handed yet more bad news. It was reported by the Southard Standard News in McMinnville on December 29, 2016 that a Federal judge dismissed the lawsuit filed by County Commissioner Michael Shane Wilcher against County Commissioner Ron Lee.

In the lawsuit, Wilcher asserted that Lee assaulted him prior to a County Commission meeting in August 2014 when Lee threatened bodily harm if Wilcher continued to send what Lee described as suspicious mail to Lee's home address. The incident was videotaped by Wilcher and was viewed many times on social media as well as on Nashville TV stations.

Wilcher also sued the county for failing to admonish or otherwise discipline Lee for his actions. It is presumed that Wilcher sees no fault in harassing a personal by flooding their mailbox with antagonistic mail but is offended when aggressively told to stop the harassment.
In his ruling to dismiss, Judge Travis McDonough opined that Wilcher failed to present sufficient evidence to support his case. 

In a statement Wednesday night, Wilcher said he stood up to an elected official who was wrong in how he handled a citizen who had sent pertinent information to not only his house, but the homes of 18 or so other commissioners. Maybe in his mind he did stand up but the bottom line is just because a person is a county official doesn’t mean you have a right to harass them.

So, if there is wisdom to gleam from the Wilcher experience it might be along the lines of “don’t harass your public officials”. You have a voice, but remember to be respectful which include their right to just ask you to leave them alone..

While the case against Warren County was dismissed, the county was left with nearly $60,000 in legal fees defending against a bogus Federal lawsuit.

Michael Shane Wilcher, Warren County

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