July 22, 2017  Woodbury, TN

Cannon County GOP Snubs Mae Beavers and Bradyville Community

Has the Cannon County Republican Party turned on the only person in recent history to run as a Republican for a Cannon County office?

Anna Pittman a 2014 Republican candidate for county executive,  arranged to have Mae Beavers and Mark Pody attend the Bradyville Neighborhood Watch meeting for a little cookout and politics. But, the politics part failed to show up  ---except Mae Beavers.

A photo posted on the Mae Beavers for Governor site was probably taken by Jerry Beavers who is Mae’s husband and constant companion on the campaign trail. It showed Anna Pittman in the foreground and Mae Beavers standing at the podium at the Bradyville Church of Christ and that’s it! There did not appear to be anybody there.

I checked with a reliable source and was informed that not only did Mark Pody fail to show up, but nobody from the Cannon County “Broken” Republican Party showed up.  It was a snub!   And frankly, a violation of the by-laws that directs the organization.   

But why should I be supervised! Following by-laws or even the law has not been John Wilkinson or Corey Davenport’s strong suit. They only care about themselves, their self importance and image is “being important”

Although Corey seemed to be caught calling for Beavers defeat in 2014, (he was calling for change) and was photographed with his family along with local Democrats at a Clark Boyd for Senate party in Woodbury.  Beavers in turned dumped Davenport from the election commission. Davenport and Beavers have had a rocky on again off again relationship in recent times.  And of course, John Wilkinson seems to do anything Davenport tells him to do.

Beavers really
has a challenge on her hands. Unless somebody super rich and ultraconservative like  Charles and David Koch, billionaire businessmen, who are the founders of a group they call “Americans for Prosperity” steps up to the plate with some money, she probably doesn't stand a chance winning the primary. Being stabbed in the back by her little go-for boys in Cannon isn’t going to help her.

I really can’t understand the snub by the Cannon County GOP.  I can only assume that they are just too busy calling me names, falsely accusing Mike Gannon of crimes and mapping out a path to bankruptcy trying to publish a printed version of their slanderous rag the Cannon County Whiner  -- just so busy, that they just forgot to attend.   Yah, right!!   

I will be waiting for their explanation which will of course include their rants of hate calling me names for printing the truth.

As far as Mark Pody  ---- Maybe he was just too busy getting proclamations drafted to reward the small minded hit men drafted by Davenport and Wilkinson to do their dirty work.  Example include: Drag the chairmen out of the meeting  --- Officer of the Year.  Disrespecting the elected leader of the county --- Veteran of the Year.

Seems to me that a candidate for senator could do better  ----- Like show that he brought some for of businesses to Cannon County.

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