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Part 1: Law and Disorder in Cannon County TN

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The newly elected chairman of the Cannon County Republican Party has been illegally appointed to the Cannon County Industrial Board.  

The farm on which John and his wife Andrea Vickers Wilkinson live is actually owned by Harold (HL Jinx) Wilkinson his wife Ann. Jinx and his wife list their residence as the old Hal and Lois Latimer home at 110 College Street.

This is not the only abuse of the Industrial Board. I have written before that Industrial Board Member Gayle Morgan (wife of the Paul Morgan filing complaints against Mike Gannon)  is in conflict of interest because when Corey became chairman, they moved the meeting place to the Morgan’s new business.  

Republican Chair Illegally Appointed to Industrial Board READ THE UPDATE HERE John Wilkinson IS NOT A Cannon County Taxpayer The Cannon County Magazine Calls for His Resignation Call The County Executive’s Office Demand that John Wilkinson Resign Or be Fired 615-563-2320

The Courthouse:
A Treasure on the National Register of Historic Places
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