The traditional courthouse in the center of the square
sets the atmosphere for historic Cannon County

Historic Cannon County
Chamber of Commerce

       The Historic Cannon County Chamber Of Commerce was formed in 1997. This was after several Cannon County Business leaders met several times, and decided that the organization was needed. Cannon County Magazine was among the original charter members.
     The Chamber has a Board made up of 15 directors. The directors are divided into committees that focus on a variety of community interest.

The present Chamber officers are;

Sue Patrick, President
Don Downey, Vice President
Mary Lou Goins, Treasurer

Board members: Sandy Bunge, Brian Francis, Gary Hancock, Connie Higgins, Mike Logan, Amy Parker, Bill Parsley, Jacqueline Pitts, Connie Rigsby, Cliff Swoape, Tim Stewart and Krista Trail.

For more information call Carolyn Motley 615-563-2222, or you can write to P. O. Box 140, Woodbury, TN. 37190 or visit 313 W. Main Street. The Chamber's fax number is 615-563-2788.

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