April 11, 2017 Woodbury, TN

Recently several photos of the sheriff improperly using his patrol vehicle were removed from Facebook! One can only presume, that they were removed at the request of the sheriff.

Facebook, when the photos where remove cited the reason as “violating Facebook community standards”  ----- What, you got to be kidding!!

It is bad enough that the photos clearly establish that the sheriff and his wife Rachel where out for a family outing in his patrol vehicle at county taxpayer’s expense, but for the sheriff to use his clout and whatever pretense to convince Facebook that exposing corruption in government, exposing the abuse of taxpayer’s property when he is the violator was a violation of Facebook’s “community standards” is a true violation of the 1st Amendment.

I am posting the photo’s here, were Facebook can’t remove them.  

The photos begin at the courthouse on Water Street.  I realize it is no big deal in Cannon County to park the wrong way on Water Street, but the sheriff shouldn’t do it.   You can’t expect respect to enforce the law if you can’t obey it.

Then we follow Sheriff Jackie Darrell Young and his wife Rachel to the Cannon County Flea Market where you can clearly see the sheriff and his wife exiting the vehicle and engaging in a little conversation as the prepare to shop at the flea market.

At a time when the Cannon County taxpayers are strapped for funds, it is truly unfortunate that the sheriff continues to not only attempt to provide vehicles to employees unqualified to drive them home, and to deputies that even live out of Cannon County but he himself continues to abuse the process and the taxpayer’s trust by using departmental vehicles for personal use.

CANNON COUNTY SHERIFF MANIPULATES FACEBOOK TO COVER UP ABUSE The Perks of office!!!  Free Transportation for you and your wife!!

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