It doesn't matter whether the truth shatters traditional errors or whether it confirms old beliefs.. All we ask of this or any other generation is that they accept no error just because it happens to be popular. And that they reject no truth regardless of its consequences.

Yes, it is comforting and reassuring to know that there is no monopoly on truth. And that truth is deathless, ageless, imperishable and unconquerable. Sometimes all truth needs is a voice. Cannon County Magazine is proud to have been that voice here and now for you. I only wish the truth had not been so difficult for some to deal with. To those who have had trouble with the truth I wish I had been more persuasive.

I ask you all to consider these words: If I were a voice - a persuasive voice - that could travel the wide world through, I would fly on the beams of the morning light and speak to men with a gentle might, and tell them to be true . .

Of course I am biased - But I found so much irony  when Rodney King spoke up after the riots caused by the acquittal of the Los Angeles police officers that beat him and asked, “ Can’t we all just get along?”

The man who actually brought the beating on to himself by refusing to comply with the demands of the police and continued to resist an arrest by simply refusing to stop moving suddenly became the peace seeker..

Twenty-five years later after months of name calling and casting false light on the reputation of good people in Cannon County, John Wilkinson finally acts as if he is the innocence one seeking to bring some form of civil discussion in his relentless effort to destroy the reputation of Cannon County Executive Mike Gannon and Commissioner/Committee Chair Mark Barker.

John Wilkinson’s personal behavior as a mouth piece for Corey Davenport has become as much a part of the problem in Cannon

May 3, 2017 Woodbury, TN

Cannon County Republican Party Continues its Slandering Ways Causing Disruptions & Distractions

County as the fanatic that he follows. In fact the little band of Republicans follow Corey Davenport just as people like Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Göring and Joseph Goebbels followed Adolph Hitler in his fanatical rise to power. Each with their own problems finding a voice in Hitler’s regime and his mission of replacing the government and bring Hitler to power.

In reality Wilkinson is much like Joseph Goebbels who was the Third Reich's propaganda minister. A fiery orator like his boss, Goebbels championed the technique of repeating a Big Lie again and again until people believe it. Known to his enemies as "The Malicious Dwarf," Goebbels spent his last days in Hitler's bunker under Berlin. After Hitler's death, however, Goebbels moved up in rank. He was chancellor of Germany for one whole day. Of course, his happiness was short-lived. While still in Hitler's bunker, his wife, Magda, a Nazi zealot, poisoned six of their children rather than have them live in a world without National Socialism. Goebbels proceeded to shoot Magda before turning the gun on himself.  

Joseph Goebbels: the Third Reich's propaganda minister. John Wilkinson: the Republican's propaganda minister.

Truth does not belong exclusively to any race, to ,any individual or generation, to any class or creed„ to any time or people. And there is a further satisfying experience when we come upon the realization that every truth we ever discover, no matter where we find it and no matter who advocates will be added to the whole truth and will sooner or later be accepted. Perhaps it will not be accepted immediately but what is time to a race of immortals? And, just the thought that any fragment of truth we discover will never be lost and will find its place in the pattern of the whole now or sometime hence greatly adds to the meaning of life. Indeed, the search for truth is the search for the meaning of life.

And to the young man who goes forth to learn the ways of truth or to defend the traditions of truth, it will be helpful to remember that no two fundamental truths are in conflict with each other And that all truth is acceptable wherever or whenever it is found, should it be in our generation or a thousand years ago, in my church or in my neighbor's church, in my school or in some other school, in high places or among the humble and obscure.


Persuasive Voice of Truth I wrote this so many years ago. May 1998 - Woodbury Tennessee – The Cannon County Magazine speak to men with a gentle might, and tell them to be true

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