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Shaner Promised It would be posted within a day

Fix It Guy Fails to Produce Biography

A few weeks ago, one of the followers of Rick Shaner’s “Fix Cannon County TN Govt” Facebook page asked for a bio.  She wanted to know more about Shaner to offer some credibility to the toxic Kool-Aid he was asking her to believe.

Shaner promised the biography by the following day but he never produced it.  Shaner and the supporter who asked for the bio have an excuse for why, but the fact of the matters is  ---- nobody in Cannon County really knows anything about him. Nor do they have any reason what-so-ever to believe  this lying, hateful trouble maker.

If you have had any disagreeable
communication with Rick Shaner the very first thing you will notice is his ability to speak fluently ghetto. He absolutely has the nastiest vocabulary of anyone I have encountered.  He has truly earned the handle “Fat Foul Mouth Punk”.

He has a “Christian” buddy in the form of Paul Morgan who supports Shaner’s nasty behavior while Morgan himself refrains from publicly using foul language. Hiding behind the Christianity role, Morgan habitually slides away from obeying God’s law ridiculing and mocking others and so blatantly lying to damage the reputation of others that his lies are easily exposed.  --- Then once exposed as a liar he goes on a campaign to destroy all those who expose his not so Christian,
not so brilliant behavior.

Enough about Rick Shaner’s tall (tall tale) Paul Morgan. We’ll discuss Paul’s inability to read and understand law and rules of order along with his failed Christianity in a later article.

Rick Shaner wants you to trust him when he speaks of how to “Fix Cannon County”.  What he fails to mention when giving financial advice to Cannon leaders is that he himself has a terrible track record. Rick Shane’ file bankruptcy in 2005.

After winging his was through a psychology program in Idaho beginning in 2010 at the age of 48, Shaner opened a counseling service which appears to have immediately failed. It appears that for all intent and purposes, the highlight of his life, a college education was a waste.

However, during this time he moved on to bigger and better things. After being dumped by Marnie, Shaner hook up with and eventually married what would become his “sugar mommy”  --- or at least enough sugar and credit rating to buy a home in Cannon County and become a “self made man” who doesn’t have to work  --- but works at the Wingo Inn as a clerk because he wants to.

Rick Shaner - A new arrival to Cannon County who finds displeasure with nearly everybody and everything except himself. Shaner is responsible for the Facebook page “Fix Cannon Co. TN  Govt” - Shaner has been banned from posting on several other Facebook pages because of his vulgar comments. Most of his comments usually contain degrading name calling and innuendo.

The Truth About Rick D. Shaner . . . . . .

On February 21, 2017 Shaner Wrote: It's not my fault that I did something with my life and was able to retire at 38 and by 54 be in a spot where I do not have to work.  --- Well, yes it is  -- BUT -- So is that Bankruptcy you forgot to mention.

Rich Shaner has been in Cannon County for approximately 18 months. He and his wife Dara purchased a home on Ashley in February 2016 for $235,000.

The self made man drives a 1972 Chevy Pickup Tennessee license # 9A3-8E0  -- It used to be black it is now blue. Nothing wrong with that as we all like classics,  except you would think a guy with all you wisdom and greatness and being a self made man would step up to something better.

Before moving to Murfreesboro, Shaner lived at 184 W Camelot Dr., Nampa ID  83651-8814. It was  there that Shaner created Treasure Valley Peer Support. I assume it was after he graduated from college – regardless it didn’t seem work out despite the fact that Nampa should be a meca of people needing peer support – it is the home of Idaho’s oldest mental facility. .

Shaner’s education is a little confusing. He started working on a college degree in 2010 when he was 48 years old.  He has stated both that he has a master’s degree and that he worked on  master’s degree in social work but couldn’t stand it. Reviewing his own real time progress reports through his educational experience, one has to be curious how if you did get a master's degree, how you got it in such a short time.

The self-made-man claims of living off his military retirement is questionable. Shaner retired after 20 years military service in 2000. That feat is no big deal. Any kid joining when he was 18 and keeping his nose clean could do nothing for 20 years and claim retirement.  

Anyway there are holes in this self-made-man stuff and the biggest issue is that  Shaner filed bankruptcy in 2005.

At the time he was still married to Marnie Jean Shaner   SS#  xxx-xxx-5187 , her maiden name was  McNeil. Shaner’s full name is Richard Dean Shaner  SS#
xxx-xxx-4136 which was issued out of Indiana.  Rick and Marnie were living in Boise Idaho at the time of the bankruptcy  at 219 N. 19th Street. They filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy which doesn’t say much for Shaner as an expert to lead Cannon County out of its financial problems, but he doesn’t seem to let his lack of qualifications stop him from offering opinions.

It is not clear when Marnie divorced Shaner, but she now lives at 544 E Ranch Dr Eagle ID 83616-5112  and he has obviously remarried to Dara Jean Mosca-Shaner.  I am sure if anybody would like to verify why the Shaners went bankrupt or why they divorced, they can contact Marnie as she is easy to locate and a nice lady to speak to. I will not elaborate what may or may not have been discussed between us.

The grounds for the divorce is not reported but records show that Rick Shaner was arrested in 1986 by the King County Sheriff's Office. He listed his address in Carnation Washington at the time. The charge was domestic violence and the case number was #86-3-07257-1.

Shaner himself has offered a little personal background info. He claims growing up in southern Indiana in a town smaller than Woodbury in a county much like Cannon County. Being from Indiana seems to be verified as he has a social security number for there.

He acknowledges joining the Air Force, probably straight out of high school and becoming an aircraft mechanic. Since his discharge at age 38 he claims he has worked for a defense contractor, civil service, the State of Idaho and in the mental health world. We mentioned the failed corporation that he called Treasure Valley Peer Support.  It is interesting that he believes he has all the financial answers for Cannon County, but has a track record of a failed business and corporation.

Shaner appears to have a problem with women . .

We all know about the “don’t get you panties in a wad” statement which got Shaner banned from a local FAKE NEWS site  -- But there are other little tell tale signs that he is down right misogynistic and abusive.

Records indicate that he was arrested in 1986 by the King County Sheriff's Office which is in Washington State near Seattle. He lived in Carnation Washington at the time. The charge was domestic violence and the case number was #86-3-07257-1.

The victim was likely his wife Marnie Shaner who later divorced her misogynistic and abusive husband.

Somewhat later, after overcoming his fear of taking a simple college class, he found him self intellectually challenge by a  school teacher and his misogynistic temperament began to flare: - March 13, 2012

As mentioned, when challenged by a woman in Woodbury on an already controversial FAKE NEWS site, Shaner told her, “Don’t get your panties in a wad”.   Another he referred to as “Jamie Kay aka Hun”.

When his fake and skewed survey, asking for the resignation of Mke Gannon as county Executive, was challenged by Dianne Turner he immediately began putting her down intellectually calling her uneducated and then accused her of being a thief.

It is obvious that Shaner doesn’t believe women are his equal, but he really seems tobelieve he is above us all.  I reality, Shaner’s Bio is -



He also acknowledges going to college at 48 and got a degree in psychology and says he went half way through a masters in Social Work, before he found out that I am not enough of a democrat to blame everything on someone else. Whoa, I didn’t notice that in him. Seems like everybody especially Mike Gannon take the fall for everything in the mind of Shaner.  Maybe he is more liberal than he thinks he is.

 As mentioned, he found a sugar momma in Dara and followed her to Middle Tennessee from Idaho when she took a job in health care in Murfreesboro.

He has an arrogance about him and he seems to see qualities in himself that is hard for others to discover. He wrote in an obnoxious vulgar rant, “It's not my fault that I did something with my life and was able to retire at 38 and by 54 be in a spot where I do not have to work.” Except at the Wingo Inn of course  --- but that is just for fun to amuse the self man man.

So there you go  -- THE PROMISED BIO

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