Cannon County Commission


         Cannon County Privates Acts

The private acts currently in effect as of 2007 for the Cannon County are reprinted in this volume.

When going through the volume of acts you will note that there are some acts noted herein which are no longer current laws due to subsequent passage of acts which have superseded them in usage.

The compiler has described these acts which have been superseded in historical notes at the end of the chapter wherein the current act on the subject is reprinted.

Under topic headings throughout the volume of acts, brief summaries or references are made to general law codified in Tennessee Code Annotated that deals with the particular topic.

The acts that are printed in full in the volume of acts include any subsequent amendments to the act. Although no statement is made regarding whether the amendatory act was ratified, the ratification was checked by the compiler to insure that the amendatory act was approved locally and is in effect.

This compilation of acts was updated through the 2007 Session of the 105th Tennessee General Assembly.

Private Acts of Cannon County

Elected County Commissioners

District 1 -- Mark Barker

                       Russell Reed

District 2 -- Karen Ashford

                               Todd Hollandsworth

District 3 -- Jamie Holloway

                             Sterling “Jim” Bush

District 4 -- Glenn Steakley

                 Brent Bush

District 5 -- Richie Hunter

                   Adam Melton



The policy making and legislative authority in Cannon County is vested in the legislative body, or Board of County Commissioners.

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