It is interesting that the band of mutineers are now fighting with each other. At least one new arrival has stirred the pot. The Fix it guy has shown some class and intelligence by recognizing that it is just hypocritical for John Wilkinson and Corey Davenport to claim wrong doing by elected officials and demanding that rules be followed -- while within their own ranks,  the own propaganda minister and his self appointed Führer wishes to ignore the truth and the law. It seems they are lying for the sake of maintaining a membership in what has become an authentic hate group hell bent on destroying the very fabric of the Cannon County government.

There may be another reason. At a time when Cannon County is searching for funds to simply rebuild the reserve fund, in the words of Corey Davenport, we (the IDB) have $450,000.00 in the bank. Why? Why is there no effort to bring that money to the table to avoid raising taxes?  The money belongs to the people of Cannon county, not the little band of neo-nazis using the IDB as a self serving launch pad for their propaganda.

The law, not rules were mentioned by County Executive Mike Gannon when he mentioned in the April Commission meeting that one member of the IDB members was not a qualifying taxpayer and should not be on the IDB.  

The thought police are hell bent on controlling the truth that the propaganda minister is not a qualifying taxpayer and not qualified to have his fingers in the $450,000.00  pot of gold.

Cannon County Magazine first revealed that Mr. Gannon was correct, and John Wilkinson is NOT A TAXPAYER and additional follow up with the Registrar of Deeds at midday May 11th, 2017, reveals that John Wilkinson is STILL not listed as a property owner in Cannon County and, those records determine who would be a legal taxpayer in Cannon County. So it is very simple  --- It is against the laws of the State of Tennessee for John Wilkinson to be on the Board of Directors for the Cannon county Industrial board.

Then as it turns out, The Fix It Guy suspects the truth and accepts Corey Davenport’s challenge to check out the facts for himself. The Fix It Guy reveals that facts prove that John Wilkinson is not a Cannon County taxpayer  --- and  ---BAM here comes the Thought Police!!!!   It looks like you have had a little too much to think.   So let’s do a few tests and get you to walk a straight line.

May 11, 2017 Woodbury, TN

Thinking Too Much? - Don’t Cross the Thought Police!!


Put your finger on your growing nose! Let’s see if you can walk a straight line.

After several exchanges of calling each other names like “Dude” and “Butter Cup” and insinuating the other is a juvenile, The Fix It Guy follows the direction of Mr. Corey Davenport, the Thought Police, and removes the arguments from his page. The following day The Fix It Guy gets back to doing what the Thought Police want  --- Attacking Mike Gannon and anybody that contradicts the Thought Police. The tangled web now includes, Mike Gannon, Mark Barker and suddenly Barbara Parker.

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