Woodbury, Cannon County Tennessee PUMPING GAS: IS IT OR ISN’T IT ? It Is Campaign Season -- Anything for Attention

There is a photo going around on social media that is causing a stir.

Facebook user Wildred Paschal claims that she was given the photo by an anonymous person who thought it was a photo of the wife of Cannon commissioner candidate Corey Davenport.. And she used the photo to criticize another Facebook user who is also a candidate for not getting his family involved in his campaign.  Wildred says that it disappeared from her site and that she is an old lady and doesn't understand why.

We at the Cannon County Network examine the photo determine if it may have violated Facebook’s community Standards.

It is impossible to tell who is in the photo. However, the make and color of the vehicle plus the bumper sticker make one believe that it is indeed the clerk master.  However, we think that the person in the photo is a little too skinny to be the candidates wife.

We have discussed in the past what we call “Political Prostitution”.  What we meant by that was using your popular cute daughter or your  well endowed wife to flaunt their stuff while wearing your campaign t-shirt and a smile. You know those moonshiners are going to look at it.

But this latest bit is hard to understand. In fact it almost makes you want to turn your head away in disgust  instead of seeing the political message on the bumper of the car.

So, is it, or isn’t it?  You decide.

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