June 6, 2017 Woodbury, TN

Cannon County Republican Party Brings Embarrassment to POTUS:

Cannon County GOP Busted . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . Operating Illegal Gambling Event

Under Tennessee case law, a lottery is a transaction in which the three elements of prize, chance, and consideration must be present. Whether any particular activity is a lottery under state law depends on the particular facts and circumstances surrounding the activity. An organization, charitable or otherwise, may lawfully conduct a cash or prize giveaway if all persons wishing to participate are given an opportunity to do so without being required to pay any money, make any donation, or purchase any product or service.

But where, as in the specific Cannon County GOP shotgun raffle during the Good Ole Days, an individual must purchase a $5 ticket in order to be eligible to participate, therefore the raffle activity is an illegal lottery unless it is part of an annual event held for the benefit of a 501(c)(3) organization approved by a two-thirds vote of the members of each House of the General Assembly.

In short, The Cannon County GOP not only brought a bus with a slick wrap around political advertisement provided by a bus line competitor to a Cannon County business, they also brought illegal gambling along with it.

It is obvious that with the recent disclosure that Cannon County Republican GOP Chairman John Wilkinson was appointed to the Industrial Board despite that fact that he was not legally qualified by Tennessee State law and now throwing in the face of law abiding citizens of Cannon County an illegal raffle that this group just does not understand that the law and the Constitution apply to them also.

Sadly they have brought the good name of Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn in to the mire by announcing as an encouragement to participate in illegal gambling, that the winner will collect the booty, a shotgun, in the presence of Blackburn at the Cannon County Reagan Day Dinner.

To add to the issue is the fact that both Senator Mea Beavers, now a candidate for governor, and Representative Mark Pody were both willing participates in the Good Ole Days affair. It is clear that the two legislators either do not know the laws they create or they share the attitude of the Cannon County GOP in that they believe they are above the law. Either way, it just doesn't look good for them to turn a blind eye to continued law violations of this lawless group calling themselves the Cannon County GOP..

I have witnessed that law enforcement in Cannon County is corrupt. But when you elect a sheriff that has a history which includes an arrest for selling drugs and doing political favors by violating the Constitution Rights of Cannon County citizens, you should expect a sheriff that will not enforce the law. I assume that when the Cannon County Republican insider Corey Davenport asked the sheriff if it was ok to park a bus anyplace he wanted in the Town of Woodbury, that he also asked the sheriff if it would be ok to hold an illegal raffle. What is the sheriff going to say? Corey Davenport’s wife is an illegally appointed Judicial Commissioner, (according to TCA and CTAS) who issue search warrants and warrants of arrests for the good ole boys.

I call for an investigation by the District Attorney into the illegal gambling. I hope that he will be more honest in his investigation than when he brushed aside a Constitutional violation involving the same people and a corrupt Cannon County deputy sheriff.  

I have called for the resignation of John Wilkinson from the IDB as he is not qualified to be part of the group hoarding a half million dollars that belongs to the citizens of Cannon County.  I repeat that demand and now add that the Cannon County Republican Party contact each and every citizen who purchased a ticket in the game of chance at the Good Ole Days Republican Party booth, and return their money.

Furthermore, the executive committee of the Cannon County Republican Party need to apologize to the citizens of Cannon County for operating an illegal gambling event and apologize the U.S. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn for involving her in this mess.

Cannon County GOP  -- Stumping for an out-of-county bus line while hawking an illegal gambling event

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