May 19, 2017 Woodbury, TN

The Bus Fuss: The Cannon County GOP Continues to Rumble Like an Upset Stomach

The Road to the 2018 Elections --- The Make Cannon County Great Again Bus - Dump Gannon

Two wrongs don't make a right but a whole bunch of egotistic political hacks with a tenancy to lie sure can make drama.

"I pledge allegiance to the Bus of the POTUS ----- because his picture is on it -- LOL -- I have no clue who owns the travelling billboard parked in Woodbury and by all means I do support President Trump as my choice to Make America Great Again so I don't have problems with the message and the support of our President and our country.

I did find the "Bus Fuss" to be comical and melodramatic.

When I saw this fuss over the bus and the outrage displayed by Corey Davenport crying on Facebook  while suggesting that the fuss was disrespectful when he wrote “ It is a bus with the POTUS picture on it. Move on with your life or get a life” I immediately thought of another bus out of Georgia. It was another Trump Bus that had visited the Chattahoochee Valley and stopped at the Muscogee County GOP headquarters in Columbus.

The bus was a retired bus owned by Danny Hamilton, owner and president of Star Coaches Inc. of Atlanta. Danny took it upon himself to create the bus by just "wrapping" it as they say with Trump stuff and hit the road.

When the local Cannon County GOP becomes nothing more than a bunch of bullies disrupting meetings and the government process, it shouldn’t be any big surprise when elected officials who just happen to be diehard Democrats, push back.

Reconciliation : When two liars make friends again!!

True Crimes and Confessions  -- “AD” Remember when I put in the Election Commission minutes that we threw that guy out of our meeting? “We didn’t”  -- “JW” Remember that crap about me being a Woodbury property owner? “I’m not” --

The whiny message by Davenport (posted below) and the plea by John Wilkinson to “contact your local officials and ask that the Trump bus be allowed to stay” was quickly replaced with a message of reconciliation.

That in its self reeked of irony. Not long ago, Andy Duggin was the secretary of the Election Commission, Democrat or not, he became best buds with radical ultra right wing Republicans Corey Davenport and John Wilkinson when Duggin falsified the minutes of a meeting suggesting that a person who was accusing Wilkinson and Davenport of theft of U. S. Mail was tossed from the meeting  ---- Whoops  --- they guy was wearing a recorder and recorded everything that happen. One thing that did NOT happen was him being asked to leave. None the less, the three buddies Duggin, Davenport and Wilkinson continue to believe the lie and used it to discredit the guy.

So, the use of the word RECONCILIATION by John Wilkinson describing his recent relationship with Duggin over the “Bus Fuss” was special.

As to Corey’s typical “We checked with EVERYBODY” so what’s the problem? Firstly, in the city of Woodbury, your turn to guy with a badge “The Sheriff” is not in charge of parking in Woodbury.  As for the Chief of Police, well, he works for the elected Mayor Andy Duggin.

So, whatever you think of Andy, (I think he is a liar) he is the Mayor and I hope that Lowell Womack remembers that.   

Having said all that, I agree that it was political but believe you got what you deserved.  I also hope all of you can find solutions to Cannon County’s problems and less controversy. But, who always seems to be in the center of the controversy in Cannon County?  

I also suggest that you set aside the name calling which seems to reflect on the personality of the name caller - like narcissist and obstinate. You have burned a lot of bridges. Remember that word RECONCILIATION! You are going to need it a lot if you are going to make progress in the county..

In the meanwhile, Andy Duggin is the Mayor of Woodbury  --- And John Wilkinson is NOT QUALIFIED to be on the IDB. Remove him!!

Don’t tell Corey  --- But ---

That is not the POTUS!

And Bus with a photo of President Trump is  --
Just a Bus with a photo wrap  -- nothing special.

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