April 30, 2017

During the Cannon County Commission meeting on April 15th, it was revealed that the newly elected chairman of the Cannon County Republican Party has been illegally appointed to the Cannon County Industrial Board.  During rude interruption of the Cannon County Commission meeting, Corey Davenport shouted, “Am I recognized?”  And then started speaking as if he was part of the County Commission. Davenport was  challenging the appointment of a county commissioner on to the Industrial Board in place of his preference which was David Faulkner.

Faulkner had been recommended by Randal Reid who was leaving the board. Gannon claimed to be looking for a more qualified individual than Faulkner. Davenport claimed that Faulkner was more than qualified plus Faulkner had been not only recommend by Reid, but the entire IDB. Davenport also stated that if Gannon was denying Faulkner to be on the board that it was for personal reasons.

I would think that if anybody had personal reasons to "not accept" the recommendations of Randal Reid to appoint David Faulkner to anything, it would be Mike Gannon. Randall Reid was David Faulkner’s campaign manager when Faulkner ran against Mike Gannon for the position of County Executive. Randal Reid was also instrumental in unsuccessfully suing Mike Gannon while Reid was part of the Industrial Board. If you just look at the current members of the IDB and their attitude toward the County Executive, it would be easy to label the group as a "Mike Gannon Hate Group".

Davenport seemed bewildered at the mention of IDB member John Wilkinson not being qualified to be a member of the board.  When Gannon stated that a board member was not a taxpayer, Davenport said, "I don't understand what you are saying". Then he then asked, "Are you talking about John?" and followed with, "He lives in Cannon county and owns his own farm."

It is interesting on two levels. One is Davenport always claims to know the law or at least that part of the law that suits his needs.  Remember, he just argued that “No County Employees are allowed on the board. But he claims to not understand what Mike is talking about when just two sentences about in the same law about county  employees it states that members have to be a  duly qualified elector and taxpayer of the county.  Davenport must have know Wilkinson wasn’t a taxpayer because after he stopped acting stupid, he then asks Chairman Gannon,  “Are you talking about John?”

Although Davenport defended Wilkinson to be a farm owner it is very clear John Wilkinson is not a property owner in Cannon County and not a taxpayer in Cannon County and by the definition of the law, not qualified to be a member of the Industrial Board.

The farm on which John and his wife Andrea Vickers Wilkinson live is actually owned by Harold (HL Jinx) Wilkinson his wife Ann. Jinx and his wife list their residence as the old Hal and Lois Latimer home at 110 College Street.

This is not the only abuse of the Industrial Board. I have written before that Industrial Board Member Gayle Morgan (wife of the Paul Morgan filing complaints against Mike Gannon)  is in conflict of interest because when Corey became chairman, they moved the meeting place to the Morgan’s new business.  

 John Wilkinson has also found a way to capitalize on his membership. He posted a photo and note from a free training session offered to board members in Chattanooga. On August 24, 2016 he wrote, "Great couple of days in Chattanooga representing the Cannon County Industrial Development Board at an Economic Development Conference." The photo clearly reflects that he was pushing his personal business which is Inspect-It Home Inspection.

The Industrial Board, through it’s organization is almost beyond control of the county commission. It is time for a change.  With so many disruptive and dishonest people on the board it is time to dissolve it.  

Instead of Wilkinson doing the right thing and resigning, he once again turns to his fake news rag the Cannon County Reporter which is nothing more than a front for the Cannon County Republican Party agenda to remove Mike Gannon from office.

Only now they have expanded their rubbish attacks to include 1st District Commissioner Mark Barker who has served Cannon Country in many capacities for over 20 years.

Not surprising his attack is way off base but oddly enough he accuses Mr. Barker of misconduct while serving in his capacity as chairman of the Budget Committee and allegedly removing committee members when in fact they quit.

Wilkinson (the Drama Queen) writes, “Budget Committee Chairman Mark Barker Orchestrates Removal Of Three Conservative Members From Budget Committee; Sparking Immediate Outrage”  -- an editorial by John Wilkinson

While John Wilkinson, Corey Davenport and half if not all of the Industrial Board find fault with every little word made by their political opponents and falsely accuse them of misdeeds in their fake news rag on Facebook, they continue to do everything possible to cover their own violations.

You claim you know the law Davenport -- Now remove your buddy from your little hate group!!!  Better yet how about John Wilkinson following the paths of budget committee members Jim Bush, Brent Bush and Paul Morgan --- and just quit.

April 30, 2017 Woodbury, TN

John Wilkinson Continues to Whine

While Failing to Obey the Law

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