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   Tennessee County Government Handbooks are intended to be a basic summary of laws affecting county government. CTAS has  tried to include sufficient information to make the publications useful and informative, but the  Tennessee Code Annotated and other relevant laws or regulations should always be consulted before any action is taken.

   Review of the actual laws and/or regulations is especially important because of the frequent changes that occur. The handbooks are intended as a general reference guide and not as an authority. In the case of a county official, the county attorney should be consulted before relying on any statement contained within the CTAS manuals.

   The information included in the publications are general in nature, although references to more detailed information have been included. An important point in searching for a specific reference in the Tennessee Code Annotated is that most volumes have a supplement attached in the back of the volume. You should always consult the supplement first so that you will have the latest version of a particular statute. Also, general law statutes that have been very recently enacted may not have been be included in the supplements and must be found apart from the  Tennessee Code Annotated  as public chapters by number for the year in which enacted.

   The CTAS staff hopes these manuals will be useful to you; reference to it will assist you with most of the questions that will arise in your tenure with county government or your curiosity as a citizen.

The Sheriff’s Department and the Jail, all under the  supervision of the elected sheriff, is second to the school system for spending money. It is believed that the sheriff has at least 22 motor vehicles although on a good day, the sheriff would struggle to have two deputies patrolling the streets of Cannon County.  --- Read the cost of just maintaining the excessive number of vehicles.

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Property tax is the major source of income for Cannon County Tennessee. Under valuation of real property in Cannon County could be the reason for the current financial problems.


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