Woodbury, Cannon County Tennessee

It is better to have people think you’re an idiot,

Then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Thursday June 22, 2017   10:32am (Spelling per Shaner)

Shaner to Me: well your lucky you wernt here... you woulda got smacked in the fuckin mouth...

Cannon Man Files False Police Report

Having read the story published in the Cannon Courier August 29, 2017 which identifies me as a suspect in an alleged crime of making a threat to a Rick Shaner, I wish to response to clarify issues with the story.

It is important to note that Shaner told Deputy Smith “the feud with Gibbs had been taking place for a short amount of time, and had never reached the point of threats before”  That statement is false. Shaner has been a constant critic of my actions since November of last year and has repeatedly called me names and harassed during that period.

Approximately two months ago, after a brief exchange discussing the excessive number of Cannon County Sheriff’s cars using the Facebook message service Shaner threaten me.

On Thursday June 22, 2017 at 10:32am, Rick Shaner wrote to Jim Gibbs: “well your lucky you wernt here... you woulda got smacked in the f---ing mouth...” Except for bleeping out the bad language, the comment is an exact quote with his spelling not mine.


The threat was similar to the one made on August 18, 2017 at 4:38am. I reacted to both threats in jest and did the mucho thing which suggested to him that I have lived a life of danger as a narcotics officer with my only protection being a gun I used to have which was inscribed "Hold Me Level And I'll Kill The Devil"  --- Shaner then implied that my response was a "cop" thing and called my words a threat.  I immediately corrected him that it was not a threat but a response to his threat directed toward me, and that I may be tougher than he thinks.

A similar response to the more recent threat by Shaner was posted by me on my Facebook page but not sent directly to Shaner as a message as I long ago blocked messages from him.

The post was indeed sarcastic which stated, “This is special. An overweight, foul mouth punk seeking attention in Cannon County, who doesn’t even have the courage to call out and meet Commissioner Todd face to face except at the sheriff’s office threatens me --- What a joke.”

I also joked about him wearing a large fake diamond in his ear.  I wrote, “Do you think that big fake diamond that you wear in your ear will make you “float like butterfly and sting like a bee?”

I also implied that if he was to cause a physical attack on me, that he may regret it. I wrote, “You have no idea Shaner how lucky you are that I'm not still there.”

Shaner quickly responded that he took my words to be a threat and I once again I corrected him. I wrote, “My message to you is: Before you start threatening people you better make sure your mouth isn't overloading your ass ----- somebody might just kick it”

Rick Shaner - A new arrival to Cannon County who finds displeasure with nearly everybody and everything except himself.
Shaner is responsible for the Facebook page “Fix Cannon Co. TN  Govt” - Shaner has been banned from posting on several other
Facebook pages because of his vulgar comments. Most of his comments usually contain degrading name calling and innuendo.

The Truth Behind the Story . . . . .

Rick Shaner’s moment of glory -- Headlines in Cannon County.
 Just could wait to offer it as truth and call good people names.
There is evidence that the report was a set up -- intended to harass!

I also repeated back his mild threat to me which suggested for a second time to two months that “I was lucky that I was not there in Woodbury" and understood it to mean that I would be physically harmed if I was.  I also pointed out that he is so stupid that he can't sort through what is a threat and what is a response to a threat.

So I was surprised when on August 28th, Shaner posted a picture of the front page of the Cannon Courier story which was apparently extracted from a sheriff’s report written by Deputy Zack Smith at the request of Rick Shaner.

Having a great understanding of criminal law and law enforcement, I was curious as to why Deputy Smith didn’t offer advice to Shaner that what was written by me and especially considering the distance between Reno and Woodbury, that there was no credible threat made. It was obvious from the report that Deputy Smith had access to the words written by me which even included a denial to Shaner’s claim of a threat and that I did not intend to make a threat.

As I pondered the story trying to understand why the report of a frivolous complaint by a local trouble maker was even made and especially why a copy of it was faxed to my hometown police department in Reno, I made every attempt to excuse Deputy Smith’s actions until I made an interesting discovery regarding the relationship between Deputy Smith and Rick Shaner.

Rick Shaner publishes on Facebook a page called “Fix Cannon County TN Govt” The site a constant attack on County Executive Mike Gannon, Commissioners Mark Barker, Karen Ashford, Todd Hollandsworth, Adam Melton, Richie Hunter and to a lesser degree Commissioners Glenn Steakley and Jamie Holloway.

Deputy Zack Smith is a follower of Shaner’s vile Facebook page that is no more than a slanderous attack on County Executive Mike Gannon and many of the commissioners. Deputy Zack Smith frequently expresses his agreement with Shaner in the form of clicking on the “LIKE” button on Shaner’s rants.

Zack Smith is also friends with a Facebook personality named “Kenny Jones”. I have determined that “Kenny Jones” is a fake Facebook page with the only purpose being to slander, ridicule and undermine the administration of Mike Gannon.

Foul Mouth Claims To Be Threatened   ----After Making  A Threat Himself Files False Police Report

In addition to attacking Mike Gannon, both Rick Shaner and the person behind the fake Facebook page “Kenny Jones” appear to be on a mission to destroy my credibility and shut me up. Why? Because they believe that I am a spoke person for Mike Gannon.

Nothing could be closer to the truth. While I sympathize with Mike Gannon because I realize from previous outrageous attacks on me what he is going through. I do not speak for him, I speak for myself. I pity his wife and family who have to be hearing the constant lies, innuendoes and outright slanderous name calling. I have experienced the same trash from many of the same people involve in the attacks on Mike Gannon.

Those who are just nothing more than slanderous bullies need to stop. I take these false accusations in this police report by Deputy Smith as a bullying tactic and an abuse of the authority trusted to him. I am not surprised that Rick Shaner would file a false report. He complains about everything and doesn’t see his own faults.

I was never contacted by the sheriff’s department regarding the report leading to this story. I do appreciate the editorial staff of the Cannon Courier allowing be this opportunity to tell “my side of the story”. I truly wish the people of Cannon County the best during these troubling times.

   Transcription of a Facebook Exchange with Rick Shaner - June 22-23, 2017
Note: I had posted a Facebook meme regarding the number of patrol vehicles in service at the Cannon county Sheriff’s office and critical of take home cars by sheriff deputies. Using the Facebook messaging service, Shaner sent me an uninvited message to which I responded.

Thursday June 22, 2017  7:36am  

Shaner to Me: you know I gotta beat up the cop car thing a bit... right? I will keep it respectful

Thursday June 22, 2017   8:41am

Me to Shaner:  Don't make a fool out of yourself. LOL Remember, this is my area of expertise and I have documented 20 years of junk from 5 sheriff's ---- Instead of picking fight, why don't you look seriously at the number of vehicles the sheriff has and what is done with them. I know the cop business -- I know the cop business far better than Darrell Young.

I know you are a numbers guy so I share this -- I was working law enforcement when Darrell was still in grade school -- 15 years before he was arrested for selling drugs and 25 years before somebody was fool enough to give him a badge and begin two decades of police "blind eye" corruption..

Shaner to Me: lol... I have never made a fool of myself... some have tried but miserably failed...

Me to Shaner:  I didn't say you did --- just suggested that you don't over the sheriff's notion of his vehicles. Go for yourself and discover the facts. You can do it.

In the meanwhile ----- If you are going to stir shit --- get in the shit pile and not the bull shit. You do have corruption in Cannon, but you are looking in the wrong places. It is going to be up to you as I am going to take my operation to the barn in the very near future.

Thursday June 22, 2017   10:32am

Shaner to Me: well your lucky you wernt here... you woulda got smacked in the fuckin mouth...

Me to Shaner:  I'm not big guy -- but -- I was once sued by five 21 year olds for police brutality when I kicked their asses alone during an arrest -- LOL Worked undercover in a town where the chief of police killed my counterpart --- shot him between the eyes. I Carried a gun inscribed 'Hold Me Level and I'll Kill the Devil" --- Bring it on bud --- Maybe you are lucky an opportunity to smack me in the mouth never happened -- LOL

Shaner to Me: lol... you are a joke

Me to Shaner:  But a tough little joke LOL

Shaner to Me: doubt it...

Me to Shaner:  Not important and even childish -- Go count the sheriffs cars and divide that with how many of his drug running kin he has arrested on drug charges. --- Whoa - it is the same as I started with --- LOL

Shaner to Me: ya it is childish the you go to the gun... but typical of LE

Me to Shaner:  Go to the gun??? --- You seem really good a missing the point. You don't seem that stupid, but then suddenly -- dah --

I Carried a gun inscribed 'Hold Me Level and I'll Kill the Devil" --- Bring it on bud --- Maybe you are lucky an opportunity to smack me in the mouth never happened -- LOL

Shaner to Me: kinda sounds like a threat to me... I dont miss many points....with anything... so dont let your feeble ass write and checks...

Shaner to Me: ooppss any... not and

Me to Shaner:  You did miss the point - over and over again. You actually threaten me --- smacked in the fucking mouth or whatever. My point to you was --- You are lucky you didn't have an opportunity to try. Jest - poke fun whatever you want toward me. I have walked the walk and talked the talk -- in 50 years, never came out second in a brawl or a gun fight --- use caution when you threaten somebody -- even if you don't realize you are making a threat. There is no point in being Mr. tough guy --- and I am not claiming to be a tough -- but after all I have been through I'm still alive for a reason.

Shaner to Me: well after what you posted you woulda got you ass kicked... and if you pulled a gun... you would got burried with it...

Me to Shaner:  LOL --- Dream on ass hole. I try to give you a little slack --- and you prove over and over again that you are just a punk looking for attention. I'm not there so this isn't a threat -- but I have seen in Cannon county folk's property burn to the ground and bodies dumped in wells for a lot less reason than what is coming out of your big mouth. So keep looking for attention big guy -- and one of those hillbillies is going to show you what you thought was just in the movies. They don't like critics -- even when it is the truth. I don't know what brought you there, but you better learn what it takes to live there and get along with folks. And when you get your head out of your ass --- maybe you'll understand what the real issues are. -- In the meanwhile, if you don't mind -- I have more to do than go back and forth with you. So enjoy country life (hee haw) --- Keep your back to the wall and the water bucket handy. LOL


Me to Shaner:  Sorry, I wasn't in the Airhead Force. You must have me confused with one your butt poken roommates --- Only real men can walk in my shoes -- and --- you don't qualify.


Friday June 23, 2017  8:14am

Shaner to Me: Jim.. you are typical of LE.. a know it all who knows nothing... a coward with a gun, a badge... in his derainged mind the authority to do or say anything he wants... you are pathetic...

The identity on Facebook going by the name Kenny Jones is an obvious obscure identity and the only purpose of the site is to slander Cannon County Executive Mike Gannon.

We did a little video which provides circumstantial evidence that the person controlling the page is Paul Morgan. Regardless, it is highly suspicious that Deputy Zack Smith is friends with this fake identity full of hate toward Mike Gannon.

On or about June 22, 2017, Rick Shaner initiated a conversation via Facebook Messenger which quickly deteriorated  and Rick  Shaner threaten me by writing that if I was in Cannon County, I would have been “smacked in the fuckin mouth” Since that exchange, I have blocked Shaner and rejected his messages. None the less, he continues to take advantage of a loop hole in Facebook’s messaging system to send one side messages intended to harass which included another implied threat.

Mr. Shaner’s persistent unconsented contact with me  through Facebook messenger service  with intent to harass is a violation of Tennessee law --- I have absolutely no confidence that the Cannon County Sheriff will do his job and enforce the law fairly.

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