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WBRY am 1540 fm 107.1

The Cannon County Magazine supports and encourages citizens to support your local radio station.

WBRY is Cannon County's source for local radio news and events. They broadcast on am 1540  and  fm 107.1

Their programming is designed to help entertain and inform the citizens of Cannon County.  If you would like to make any suggestions about their programs, please send your comments to; Station Manger, WBRY, Post Office Box 7 Woodbury, TN 37190 or email to: .

WBRY’s state is located at:

153 Mile Valley Road

 Post Office Box 7

 Woodbury, TN 37190

Phone: 615-563-2313

Fax: 615-563-6229


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Originally, the Cannon County Magazine was intended to serve several purposes:   We wanted to preserve a rural way of life throughout Cannon County, and to maintain the charming small town atmosphere of Historic Woodbury. We also wanted to offer the people of Cannon County an opportunity to share information and stories and, to offer a different journalistic viewpoint of news and events that affect Cannon County.


Now, we would like to offer a vigilance for dishonest people who want to distort the truth for political and personal gain. The Lord knows the truth -- and we all will one day stand before Him. Occasionally the Lord needs a messenger to protect us while here on earth. We wish to serve our Master. --  John 8:32:  And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

The Cannon County Magazine supports and encourage citizens to support your local news paper the Cannon Courier.

The Courier offers a variety of ways for readers and advertisers to get in touch with us to place a story, picture or advertisement in their newspaper and on their Web site. You can contact them at their office located at  113 Main Street Woodbury, TN 37190

Phone: 615-563-2512

Fax: 615-563-2519


Ron Fryar, Owner/Publisher; Sharon Patrick, Bookkeeping; Kevin Halpren, Editor; Cindy Haley, Production; David Hunter, Sports, Tess Fryar, Bookkeeping.

The Historic Cannon County Chamber Of Commerce was formed in 1997. The Chamber was created after several Cannon County Business leaders met several times, and decided that the organization was needed.

Jim Gibbs, then publisher of Cannon County Magazine was among the original charter members.

Email: News@CannonCounty.Net

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